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A roundup of the most popular posts from the curious g blog.


Best of film 2016: Originality + indies rise again

Fantastic historical resources, and where to find them

Literary jewels

Best of film 2015: My top 10, plus a few more

Best of theater 2015: My top 10, plus a few more

My quirky, surprising + maybe a little expected top 10 films of 2014 list

Light the lights: My 2014 top 10 plays list is here

Classic sculpture made modern

Best of 2013: 10 films + 10 plays

In the blink of an eye

A mashup of Wild Things, Stinky Cheese, Charlotte and Pooh too

The High and Low of an urban landscape

Everything old is new again

Now arriving: Grand Central Terminal @100

Topping out 2012: My top 10 in film + theater

Yay for the Brothers Quay!

Year of the Bard

Bienvenue Barnes

My top 10 in ‘11: Films, plays + books

In 2010: They’re the tops

Are the Harris Burdick mysteries solved?

Through the pinhole darkly

A celebration of Shakespeare: 38 plays in 38 languages

Don’t you know everyone wants to laugh?

Adventures in nonfiction

Elmer’s Fire

The quizzical nature of the Brothers Quay

What were they drinking?

Good things come in threes: Favorite film trilogies

 > Culture

Happy 100th National Park Service

To boo or not to boo

It’s a mad mad mad world

Forgery isn’t just about paintings: When crime invades many industries

When crime does pay

When crime doesn’t pay

The definition of happiness evolves over a lifetime

The essence of cool: Blue Note Records turns 75

The first flickers of television

Vanishing New York

Meet the Beatles: The US did, 50 years ago

WOTY 2013: Enjoy your “selfie”

Measuring the pursuit of happiness: It’s complicated

Pride, prejudice + girl power

Planes, trains and automobiles a/k/a life as a super commuter

Election 2012: Red, blight, and blue

The DIY Happiness Meter

Oh, how happy you have made me

Urban farmfitters

Text at your own risk

Brooklyn Bridge Park gets some spin

What stretches 88 miles with 87 branches?

The world has gone happy

We are happy to serve you

35 years and 95 bits of binary code later

Stripes for the spring

> Travel

Big list of travel lists: Destinations 2016

Arctic excursion: A long weekend in Iceland

2015 travel forecast: The big list of lists

The big list: Places to go galivanting in 2014

An appreciation: A colorful fall weekend in western MA

$5K gets you zero-G

7th heaven: More unusual places to stay for adventurous travelers

The magnificent 7: Not-so-ordinary accommodations for adventurous travelers

Where the happy people are

For travelers who long for long walks

The big list of travel: Where to go in 2012

It’s all happening at the zoo

Sahara journey: 25 camels and a map

The sky is no longer the limit

Tokens of my appreciation

It’s almost like being there

It’s almost like being there too

High-altitude sickness

Timbuktu or Bust

What is Chad’s secret?

How to book a trip

> Just Curious

Out of the blue

Let ’em eat cake

For wonderers & wanderers

And the 2014 Oxford Dictionaries Word of the Year is…

It’s National Peanut Butter Lovers Month – Spread it on thick

Surrender New York?

Pasta – mai basta!

Keeping up with the Benjamins

We love libraries: From brick-and-mortar to digital

Ghost of toys past

SIRI-ous fun

Sunset people: At the alignment of sunset + street grid

Get on the straight & narrow – Manhattan grid celebrates 200

The big blow-up

Life in a zed & two noughts

Mount Everest is how high?

For some, Scrabble gets its props

Think local, spend local – currency that is

> Something for everyone

Farewell 2016: You won’t be missed

The newness of a new year

Wrapping up 2015

Simply put: Holiday Greetings

That’s a wrap: 2014

Bundling 2013: My year-end review

Noted in 2012: My year-end wind down

2011: In review

Recap 2010

Wrapping 2009

Nutty, but nice, holiday greetings

Warm + fuzzy greetings

Sweet 13

2012 comes into view

The birth of a new year

Happy 2010