Shakespeare’s still the man – 400 years later

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To mark the quadricentennial of Shakespeare’s death this year, there’s no shortage of festivities. How can a 400-year-old poet and writer still be relevant? That – is the question.

One of the most exciting events for me is the Folger Library’s First Folio tour – The Holy Grail. In New York City, the exhibit arrives on 7 june, through 17 july at The New York Historical Society. All 50 states are scheduled to host this exciting event that began in January of this year and will end in January of 2017 – a remarkable achievement and opportunity for lovers of the Bard. Listen here.

If you need (and what Bard lover doesn’t) more than just a glance at the First Folio to honor Will, here’s a list of offerings that might be more as you like it.

In New York, here’s a comprehensive guide to all the celebrations the city is putting on. Check out Shakespeare in New York.

Around the States

At the University of Notre Dame in Indiana, a ‘We are Shakespeare: Digital Video Festival’ is going on. A mass-participation festival of video clips created by Shakespeare enthusiasts around the globe can be seen here.

Chicago, IL is hosting a huge number of events celebrating the Bard’s anniversary. One of my favorites is for foodies – Culinary Complete Works: 38 chefs crafting exceptional dishes inspired by Shakespeare’s 38 plays. How much better can the homages get!

Portland, OR has put together The Wonder of Will: 400 Years of Shakespeare. A free, day-long event on the Portland State University Campus celebrates Shakespeare and his work via presentations, lectures, readings and films. Who Shakespeare was and why has he remained relevant? Stop by and your questions will be answered.

In the UK

In London and around the UK, Shakepeare400 includes just about everything you could ever want relating to all things Shakespeare through a connected series of public performances, programs, exhibitions and other creative activities.

In Oxford, Shakespeare Oxford 2016 celebrates Will’s life, work and legacy through performances, talks, exhibitions, concerts, conferences, film showings, poetry and youth projects.

Stratford-upon-Avon, of course, invites you to the home of Shakespeare. There you can tour his birthplace, visit his grave at Holy Trinity Church or leisurely walk in his footsteps. There’s also a very special reimagining of Shakespeare’s final home at New Place and Shakespeare’s Schoolroom and Guildhall will open to the general public for the first time. The annual parade on 23-24 april.

The World Shakespeare Conference straddles both Stratford and London for its 10th gathering: ‘Creating and Re-Creating Shakespeare.’ The WSC welcomes delegates to share in cultural and intellectual opportunities in the places where Shakespeare was born, acted, wrote and died.

And just in case none of the above is enough…

Shakespeare on film: Shakespeare’s Globe theatre will mark the 400th anniversary by turning London’s South Bank into a pop-up cinema showing 37 new 10-minute films – one for each of Shakespeare’s plays – along the Thames.

And purely for fun, Shakespeare insults: “Thou whoreson mandrake, thou art fitter to be worn in my cap than to wait at my heels.” Falstaff, Henry IV, part 2 / 1.2

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