Wrapping up 2015

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As I look over the curious g’s 2015 posts, they’re all over the place. While I always start the year with a plan… I run with what piques my curiosity at that moment. The best aspect of being curious is that there’s always something new to discover and learn.

In this 150 anniversary year of Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, my mantra continues to be:

“Curiouser and curiouser!”

This was a particularly difficult year across the globe. This was also the year of the man bun. Not that I’m saying it had anything to do with the world’s problems. I’m just sayin’.

Onward. Here’s my zigzag roundup of stories that fed my curiosity and helped define 2015 for me.

> Media frenzy

We started out the first month of the year with a media frenzy predicting of the storm of the decade, the century, I mean the millenia. After days and days of endless coverage… It was the 2015 blizzard that wasn’t for New York City. The meteorologists hung their heads in shame – maybe – well probably not. They’ll get the next one – maybe – well probably not.

> Nostalgic impetus

Mementos of our childhood bring back fun memories and lots of smiles. When we rediscover a game or toy from our youth, the places and people associated with it come to mind. This sampling of vintage game-and-toy goodies found during spring cleaning inspired me to open my Etsy shop, tcg VINTAGE etc.

 > Perfect alignment

This year’s Pi Day celebration was extra special because the date corresponded to the first four digits after Pi’s decimal point. That won’t happen again for another century. It was a happy and super special Pi Day celebration.

> Climbing history

The door of stairwell B in the Museum of the City of New York reads ‘New York’s Most Exciting Stairwell’. But it’s not thrilling because of the architecture. It’s a fascinating and informative exhibit based on historical images and quotations – both positive and negative – from the experiences of famous writers, politicians and artists in The Big Apple.

> Theater etiquette

When is it right to boo? Or is it your right to boo? At the opera, at the theater, at a concert, at the stadiums – some boo, and some wouldn’t even consider it. Inspired by an incident at the London Royal Opera, where do you stand on the issue?

> Personal journey

My first and probably only visit to the to the 911 Memorial Museum was perplexing. Instead of feeling the triumph of human dignity over human depravity, and affirming the fundamental value of human life, my visit left me confused and devastated. As a long time New Yorker, perhaps I’m not the target audience.

> Wonder mapping

Ever since I was little, I have been fascinated by maps and travel. With digitization, maps and charts are so much easier to find, research or make. You could say it’s a virtual bonanza of mapping. Here’s a list of my favorite sites for exploring maps and mapping.

> Happy victory

The issue: Who owns the copyright? That ubiquitous Happy Birthday song has been through the mill for the past few years. After years in the courts, the copyright ruling on usage finally came down this year. Yes, you can do the happy dance while singing Happy Brithday – free of charge.

> Dumbed down

When the Oregon Shakespeare Festival announced its Play On! 36 Playwrights Translate Shakespeare project, the tempest began. The idea of translating the Bard’s beautiful language into a modern, understandable (translation: get people to buy tickets) version was debated endlessly. Many wondered why – is it a valid and worthy endeavor or simply a dumb-down?

> Arctic wonders

With Iceland only a short plane ride from the northeastern US, a long weekend getaway provided this first-time visitor with a remarkable sampling of Iceland’s culture, food and breathtaking fire and ice landscapes. A worthy adventure, in need of further exploration. I must go back for more.

If you’re still curious, stop by my 2015 best picks in theater and film.

As always, many thanks to the curious g readers. Sending on holiday greetings and my best wishes for a peaceful 2016.

What story was the highlight (or lowlight) of your 2015?

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