NYC’s Blizzard 2015 became Blizzard Bust 2015

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New York City shut down. I mean closed up tight – transportation, roads, many businesses – in response of the plethora of media hype for the “historic” Blizzard 2015. Except this blizzard didn’t arrive. Six-to-seven inches of snow fell after days of news about the horror and destruction to come. The storm never materialized for us (other East-coast cities were not so lucky). With lost revenue and missed school days, pointing the finger became the job of the day.

Many are blaming government and politicians, but I say look to the meteorologists in conjunction with the media. They, the weather experts, assured us that bands of snow from the south and the east would converge bringing sustained winds of 35 mph and 24+ inches of snow, while the media whipped the masses into a frenzy of hoarding food and preparing to nest for a few days. Apparently the storm took a sharp right at the edge of Queens.

Not that I’m complaining.

One absolute prediction: Social media, naturally, had something to say about No’easter 2015. Here’s a roundup of some of the funniest, snarkiest thoughts.

Photo: © 2015 Janet Giampietro

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