The King: Long-gone but never forgotten

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As we prepare to celebrate what would have been Elvis Presley’s 80th birthday, I can’t help but wonder what else he might have recorded if he hadn’t died so young. Presley had such a great raw, spiritual sound. It’s been 38 years and the frenzy that followed Elvis then is still alive and kicking for many now.

The over-the-top mansion known as Graceland has prepared huge celebrations all week in anticipation of 8 january when officials will proclaim the day forever as Elvis Presley Day. Fear not, if you can’t get there, watch the ceremony live at’s LiveStream page. Or if you’re really serious –  turn to ElvisRadio on SiriusXM for 24/7 sound. No Sirius? Stream The Elvis & Friends Show on 98.1 WOGL radio, every sunday morning at 7am.

Grab your Blue Suede Shoes and dance the week away – nearly everywhere in the world. From Memphis to London to New South Wales down under, there’s music, film series, look-a-likes and tons of memorabilia. The king is dead. Long live the king.

As for me, I’ll make up a great big pb+banana sandwich (minus the bacon fat), and enjoy some of Elvis’ best blues and gospel recordings.

Happy birthday to The King.

Photo montage > Design: © Janet Giampietro. Elvis Presley still: © The MGM Story borrowed for non-commercial use.

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