That’s a wrap: 2014

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In 2014, social media continued its escalation as a source of community and news. The world enthusiastically participated in the ALS Association’s Ice Bucket Challenge as it raised unprecedented amounts of money in the search for a cure. The world curiously followed a wee Scotland proclaim a big NO to independence. The world sadly witnessed the mystery of missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 as it continued(s) to baffle authorities. And the world horrifically watched thousands succumb to the Ebola virus as world health organizations tried desperately to contain it.

The world continued to get bigger and smaller in 2014. And the curious have mountains of information at their fingertips – that’s a doubled-edged sword. But amidst the big earth-shattering events, as I reviewed 2014’s the curious g posts, I found some smaller moments that sparked my imagination and sated my curiousness.

> > >  F I R S T S  +  F O R E V E R S  < < <

Game-changing, historic events posted major anniversaries and the celebration of shared experiences rippled. We celebrated the day that The Beatles hit the US shores. The superb Blue Note record label reached a milestone of music and art. And the centenary of the first television broadcast allowed us to examine the way we watched TV then and now.

> > >  P A S T  +  P R E S E N T  N Y  < < <

Closer to home, more and more of our cherished, historic New York has vanished. This year, downtown said ta-ta to Bowlmor Lanes, DeRobertis Pasticceria and Bruno Bakery. One hopes their replacements are more unique than a Starbucks franchise. And one of our most famous landmarks, the Brooklyn Bridge, was shrouded in mystery for a few weeks until the case of the stolen flags was solved. A city where one can truly state: Never a dull moment.

> > >  T I M E  +  S P A C E  < < <

For those excited space tourists already testing zero-gravity, Virgin Galactic looked as though lift-off for its first group was imminent in early 2015, but an horrific accident changed that. Yet, exploration continues to fascinate us in all forms. For those of us addicted to the study of happiness (OK, me), a revolutionary and evolutionary study was published with results on how happiness is defined over one’s lifetime. It’s eye-opening for sure.

> > >  A R T  +  C R I M E  < < <

The art world acknowledged a long-suspected theory: Forgery is rampant among masterpieces in museums and galleries. I delved into that hidden world in a three-part series by examining the forgers who went down, those who got rich and those who branched into other spheres of forgery. The strategies and methodologies of these men’s intent to deceive provided an endlessly fascinating journey.

> > >  C A N O N I C  +  M O D E R N < < <

For paper lovers out there, (again, me), I experienced a superb exhibit on view by a Chinese artist who created Greco-Roman sculptures made with paper instead of marble. To see these remarkable pieces up close, and to watch them unfold was a thing of true beauty and artistry. Just the perfect modern re-imagining of the past. As for literally bringing the past to the present, the year closed with a remarkable find – the 233rd copy of Shakespeare’s First Folio. Talk about ending the year with a bang. What a gift.

Thank you for another year of following the curious g. Your attention and comments are truly appreciated. Here’s hoping your 2014 brought new discoveries, and an ever-increasing curious mind.

“Curiosity and irreverence go together. Curiosity cannot exist without the other.”

:: Saul D. Alinsky / Rules for Radicals: A Pragmatic Primer for Realistic Radicals

Hello 2015!

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