Halloween sweet spots

While I’m not a fan of Halloween, I am a huge fan of the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Halloween commercials. (OK, and the candy too.)

Arnold Worldwide/Boston handles the Hershey account and does a fantastic job developing the Reese’s Perfect brand throughout all seasons and events.

Since 2007, the brand’s playful and down-to-earth qualities combined with its definitive orange color, the simplicity of the visuals and the clever messaging have delivered results that are delightful and highly memorable. They have also driven Reese’s growth through the roof.

And why not: Reese’s is the perfect combination of peanut butter and chocolate.

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If you have any peanut butter cups that don’t get given out (saving a few for yourself?), here’s a recipe idea.

Happy chocolate and peanut boo-ter – HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

What’s your favorite Halloween candy – your guilty pleasure?

Commercials and posters © The Hershey Company

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  1. rosies Says:

    the phrase, “you put your peanut butter in my chocolate” inspired my dad over the years to say things like, “you put your spaghetti in my clams,” or “you put your slippers on my feet.” I could go on and on….

  2. Janet Says:



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