Tree huggers, this one’s for you

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Long and elegant, short and squat or standard-proportion, there’s a tree for everyone. Since today, 16 may, is National Love a Tree Day, as part of Garden for Wildlife Month, get out there and share some qi with your favorite tree.

Trees do more than moderating the climate, giving shade and a breeze – they give us oxygen, and provide protection to many forms of wildlife.

From the largest redwoods in the Grove of Titans to the smallest dwarf willow in the harsh arctic, trees are a vital part of nature. It’s a great day to plant a tree, or enjoy the beauty of the trees in the city parks or rural woods around you.

This weekend, I’m headed to my favorite Himalayan Pine with its long, soft and droopy needles protecting its branches. Along the Central Park Loop on the west side, it’s a peaceful place for downtime in the city.

Illustration: © 2014 Janet Giampietro

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