Great apes, great images

On the night of 10-11 march 2014 at the Leipzig Zoo in Germany, mama gorilla, Kumili, gave birth to a baby gorilla. Its gender is unknown at this time. What a great shot. For more gorilla births, ZooBorns is a terrific source for stories.

great apes, gorilla births, bonobos

For bonobo lovers like me out there, I found a worthwhile site with tons of information and photos on these endangered apes. Lola Ya Bonobo is the only bonobo sanctuary in the world – located outside of Kinshasa, DRC. At Lola, they work hard to rescue, rehabilitate and release orphaned bonobos back into the wild.

great apes, gorilla births, bonobos

Photo: AP Photo/Jens Meyer; Bonobo baby, Lola Ya Bonobo

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