Classic sculpture made modern


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A picture may be worth a thousand words, but to fully appreciate the show currently on view at the Klein Sun Gallery, you must see it up close at the gallery. It’s called Li Hongbo: Tools of Study.

Beijing artist Li Hongbo has recreated ancient Greco-Roman sculptures – but with paper instead of marble. What you’re seeing is thousands of sheets of paper glued together. They are then sculpted into busts from the past.

The busts and other objects – when stretched, pulled or tilted – morph into beautiful accordion paper-folded art, and then return to their original form. It’s incredible to see up close. And if, like me, you love all things paper – it’s out of this world.

Depending on size, the busts are made up of approximately 5,000 to 9,000 sheets of paper, and some weigh upward of 30 pounds.

Head on over to the Klein Sun Gallery in NYC’s Chelsea soon to see for yourself. This fantastic exhibit closes on March 2.

Images: © 2014 Janet Giampietro

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