Art reimagined: 3 new takes on the familiar

Stairways, masterpiece paintings and dancers: All images we’ve seen over and over again. Except when artists get their hands on them – artists with inspiring new ways to see the familiar – the established becomes something else, something new.

1 > Stairway to…

New Zealand artist David McCracken created this neverending piece called Diminish and Ascend which is part of a larger exhibition called Sculpture by the Sea.

This Escher-like illusion sits on the shore’s edge on Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia and rises up into the sky. As weather conditions change, the stairway takes on otherworldly properties. Wouldn’t you love to ascend it – perhaps into another dimension?


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2 > Getting up to date…

Korean Illustrator Kim Dong-Kyu developed this unique series for his “Art X Smart” Tumblr that reimagines famous masterpieces for the 21st century. By adding smartphones and tablets, Dong-Kyu has put a new spin on works by Manet, Van Gogh, Picasso and David among others.

Strangely, it doesn’t look odd – considering smartphones are everywhere. Here, they’re just in period clothes. Although, I can’t imagine what Picasso might think of his Seated Woman (one-time mistress Marie-Therese) taking a selfie.


art, travel, paintings, sculpture, photography

3 > Out of their element…

Photographer Jordan Matter came up with his series Dancers Among Us by watching his son playing. Matter was intrigued watching his son be present in the task at hand. Pure play. He realized that dancers, who are natural storytellers, would be able to captures the child-like moments in everyday life.

Check out a slideshow of all Jordan’s Matter’s beautiful images here.


art, travel, paintings, sculpture, photography, jordan matter

Any favorites?

Photos: © William Patino and Ian Neubauer; © Kim Dong-Kyu; © Jordan Matter

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