Sometimes a Banksy is just a balloon

Banksy has left the building. Actually, Banksy has left New York. The UK-based graffiti artist completed his month-long residency in the Big Apple. And as is Banksy’s style, he went mysteriously, and not without controversy.

The NYC police were not amused.

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Banksy’s farewell piece: His nom-de-plume visualized as balloons hanging from a warehouse in Long Island City. Appraisers estimated his signature art between $200,000 ~ $300,000. However the police think differently.

“I don’t have it as art on the invoice,” said Deputy Chief Jack J. Trabitz.…“We have it as a balloon.”

According to the NYTimes article, since categorized as a balloon, the work may be tossed. Left unclaimed for up to 18 months – well, it’s a goner.

Titled “Better Out Than In,” Banksy’s mission was to create a piece or an experience, almost daily, on the streets of NYC’s five boroughs. Next, announce it through social media. Devotees rushed to the location, hoping to arrive before the art was painted over or erased.

Here’s the only Banksy that I bagged. And as far as I can gather, the paintings already existed, but the installation was specific to NYC.

Get the rundown of Banksy NY from…who else? The mystery man himself.

What do you think of Banksy’s “art”?

street art, promotion, what’s happening in New York, Banksy NY, installation on west 24

Top image: Maurice Pinzon from The New York Times. Bottom image: © 2013 Janet Giampietro

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