Goth is great

You’ve come a long way Barbie
Mattel’s Barbie these days is far from the demure doll of the late 1950s. While young girls related to the Barbies of their day, it’s a different world. That ideal Barbie and most of her subsequent incarnations don’t quite fit with the current pre-teen mindset. That’s why Mattel developed the Goth-influenced Monster High line in 2010.

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Mattel scores big with Monsters
Yes, we knew eventually that Barbie would go Goth. But what the toy analysts didn’t know was that Goth is good. In fact, Goth is great, for sales, which have rocketed 56% in 2013 thanks to Mattel’s Monster High series, making it one of the biggest retail sensations of the past few years.

Toy analyst Gerrick Johnson didn’t take Monster High seriously when the dolls debuted. “I didn’t think it would work. Why does Barbie work? Barbie works because she’s aspirational. Girls want to be like Barbie.” But not just any Barbie, it seems. Goth Barbie.

Celebrating the freak within. Maybe that’s better for young girls than aspiring to the unattainable perfect Barbie. Tim Burton must be thrilled.

Listen to the full story at NPR’s Morning Edition.

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