The wrap up: Post-Oscars 2013

Oscars 2013, post-oscar wrap up, fun and games, humor, film awards,The Oscartinis have all been consumed as the 85th Academy Awards fade into memory. No runaway film this year. The Oscar love was spread around with Life of Pi winning four awards – while Django Unchained, Lincoln, Zero Dark Thirty, Silver Linings Playbook, and Amour were also recognized. Zero Dark Thirty went from surefire winner to loser under fire. Argo took the big one proving that you don’t diss Ben Affleck.

As for my predictions, I had a banner year scoring 19 of 24! Here’s my review.

Host and show
Seth MacFarlane – not bad, tame. Not nearly as offensive as reports said he would be, seemed to be enjoying himself, looked relaxed. Comedian, singer, dancer – Peter Brady look-alike. But let’s face it, it’s a lose-lose gig.

I didn’t like the musicals theme – although at least they had a direction. And of course, the show ran waaaaay too long.


  • Winners in the six big categories went to six different films (that’s a rarity).
  • Tommy Lee Jones was amused.
  • Only one kind-of-surprise award: Ang Lee for directing. The rest were fairly predictable.
  • Daniel Day-Lewis’s graceful and witty acceptance speech, as a record-setting, three-time best actor winner
  • Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s first-time attendance, and his ear-to-ear grin (and he got to sing and dance)

Lowlights (or how to shorten the show)

  • “It came true.” for Anne Hathaway, now go away (-3 minutes)
  • The “boob” song in the opening and “losers” song as the finale (-8 minutes)
  • How did Chicago, a 10-year-old film, get so much air time? (-6 minutes)
  • Playing The Sound of Music theme as Christopher Plummer took the stage (it was almost 50 years ago, move on) (-0 minutes)
  • Love her, but Michelle Obama announcing best film? Why? Overlong, policy-tinged intro, unnecessary and inappropriate appearance. Would MO have agreed to appear if Zero Dark Thirty would have won best pic? Hmmmm? (-5 minutes)

Looking good overall. I only saw the pre-show highlights, but Charlize Theron, Jessica Chastain, Kerry Washington and Jennifer Aniston were standouts. I didn’t get the nip thing about Hathaway’s gown, which seemed to explode on Twitter. More offensive was wearing a necklace with that dress neckline. Overkill, yikes!

Poll results
The curious g readers had very different opinions from those of the Academy voters. With the exception of Daniel Day-Lewis as best actor, tcg readers chose Zero Dark Thirty as best film, Emmanuelle Riva as best actress, Helen Hunt as supporting actress, Tommy Lee Jones in the supporting actor role and Steven Spielberg for directing. Congrats to our winners.

Thanks and well done to those who voted.

That’s it for Oscars coverage until next year. As usual, it amounts to much ado about nothing, but it is fun. Here’s wishing for a year of good films!

What did you think of this year’s Oscars telecast?

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