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All it took was a line in the sand, literally. That’s how bar code inventor N Joseph Woodland, a mechanical engineer, developed his ubiquitous product. Mr Woodland passed away on 13 december 2012 at 91.

His bar code was developed in the late 1940s, and patented (US patent 2,612,994) 60 years ago, in the fall of 1952. That patent made way for the UPC, universal product code, which occupies space on nearly every commercial product in creation.

A few years ago, on a milestone day, I posted 35 years and 95 bits of binary code later, documenting some highly creative uses of the bar code in its 35th year. I think the inventor would be proud of the intersection of data and creative thinking.

inventions, notable deaths, bar codes, tribute, patent

Patent document: USPTO

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