Noted in 2012: My year-end wind down

“Curiosity is a willing, a proud, an eager confession of ignorance.”  ~ Leonard Rubinstein

That’s me – proudly ignorant. There’s much to be learned and I love the exploring. My favorite discoveries for 2012 covered the usual categories: art, culture and travel – and ventured into politics (it was a big election year) and the Olympics (of course!) And yes, there’s even a camel too.

From the lunchtime eating patterns of NYers to the camels in the Yemen, there are millions of things that delight me, influence me and lead me to ask more questions. So here we go, in reverse chronology, my top 12 discoveries of 2012.

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1 > take note

Blue and red: forget simply colors. In an election year, blue and red are symbols of electoral mapping. Check out how the electoral votes broke down from the first election to the present.

2 > traveler’s note

Short and rugged or long and rolling, and everything in between, a walking holiday is the best holiday for me. Take a look at a few treks that I’ve completed, and 9 serious treks somewhere in my future.

3 > quay note

The enigmatic Brothers Quay finally take center stage at MoMA. Featuring both a gallery exhibit and accompanying film retrospective, it’s weird, and it’s wonderful (thru 7 january 2013).

4 > foot notes

Big stories, little press. Spotlight on five lesser-known Olympic athletes and their Olympic efforts to get to the games, and make history. They did, uniquely.

5 > high note

It was just me, and a million or so friends, clogging the intersections on Manhattan Island to see one of the best sunsets ever. Just another gorgeous Manhattanhenge.

6 > on a happy note

Chocolates, gumballs, free fortunes and context. If they don’t make you smile – yikes, download my DIY Happiness Meter! Take a look back at a terrific exhibit about rewiring one’s brain for happiness. Worked for me.

7 > on a siri-ous note

I put Siri, the i-devices personal assistant, to the test, and she (Siri = female voice in the US) beat me with funny, evasive comments. Note, if you’re feeling blue, don’t ask Siri if you should jump off a bridge – she’ll help you find the closest one.

8 > cliff notes

I’m back on Mount Everest. Only virtually, of course, because I’m one of the millions who dreams of summiting, but shouldn’t be allowed above base camp. With good reason – I’m not an experienced mountaineer. My exploration of the traffic jams on Mount Everest.

9 > post it note

Is life getting better? Check out the United Nations huge study, the World Happiness Report, or track the ups and downs of your day-to-day with a downloadable, DIY Happiness Meter. You’ll find your answer.

10 > on a lighter note

Find out what one semi-bored New York Times reporter discovered in a remote part of Yemen that keeps the locals on their toes and in the game.

11 > comparing notes

Stop complaining about your commute! It will seem like a breeze when you read about the super commuters, that small, but growing segment of the workforce who fly to work.

12 > on a different note

Cities around the world are hot beds of urban farming. It’s a great thing: Grow local, sell local, eat local. I discovered a few small and big ideas for the future of urban farming. City dwellers rejoice!

Full steam ahead into 2013. As I sign off for 2012, stay curious, and thanks for reading the curious g for another year.

What’s your best discovery of 2012?

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  1. Elena_McT Says:

    Cheers tcg:

    Love reading your blog. I liked the electoral history post this year, and the super commuters. Well done, always fun reading.


  2. Janet Giampietro Says:

    Hi Elena:

    Thanks for your kind comments and for following tcg – hoping to bring you good stuff this year, and that you’ll continue reading. All the best in 2013.


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