Oh Sandy

You hurt us real bad…you know it’s true.

Hurricane Sandy has been, and thankfully gone, not without leaving unbelievable damage in her path. New York, West Virginia and especially New Jersey were some of the most devastated states in Sandy’s wake.

hurricane sandy 2012, horrible storms, nyc images, What’s Happening in New York, storm damage, photos: © 2012 Janet Giampietro

And for those of us living below 39 Street in Manhattan, life may be disrupted for days to come. From the west side to the east, there’s no electricity, heat, water, and gas. And phone/internet service is scarce, if at all, with no projection on when these services may return. Today, limited subway service will resume. Given the extent of the flooding, the MTA has done an amazing job of getting 14 lines running, in addition to resuming some service on the Long Island Rail Road and Metro North.

Many of us are relying on the kindness of friends and relatives to take us in until services can be returned. In tiny New York apartments, this puts a strain on everyone. But we’re a tough lot, and when the going gets rough, we pull together and help out those in need.

For others whose entire communities were wiped out, it’s not so easy. And they are truly the victims of this horrific storm.

We will recover, quoting Goverrnor Cuomo: “Build Back Batter.”

Photos/video: © 2012 Janet Giampietro

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