James Bond @50 gets stirred, not shaken

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5 october 2012: Marks the 50th anniversary of the first James Bond film, Dr. No. Six actors have worn the tux, and while I’m not a devoted fan by any means, I came back to the franchise because of the very talented Daniel Craig, and the return to the original, darker, Fleming Bond. Next month brings the release of Bond film no. 23, Skyfall.

In addition to sky-rocketing actors’ careers, the franchise has given us the Bond girls, the iconic martini, the cars, the gadgets, the quotes, the exotic locations, and the posters. And of course, there’s the unmissable sound of Vic Flick’s guitar riff.

While Bond might be a big-budget, popcorn franchise, it has made some important cultural strides for actors of  a certain age, and actors of color. Celeste Headlee speaks with The Boston Globe’s film critic, Wesley Morris, about casting actors of color in high profile roles.

And finally, while James Bond has been played in various ways – from brooding to charming, even to campy – die-hard fans have their favorite James Bond. Who was the best Bond, James Bond, for you?

The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York is screening the 22 Bond films through October.

Photo top: © Unknown / Anonymous from web, the many iterations of James Bond; Poll posters © Respective studios

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