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The results are in. After last night’s first presidential debate, and with under five weeks until the 2012 election, many voters remain confused, undecided, have lost interest or simply don’t care.

While social media was aflutter (Twitter counters recorded over 1,000 tweets per second) and debate parties, debate drinking games, and debate bingo were raging, I wonder, was anything actually being said, or considered?

The nod was given to Governor Romney as “winner” in 2012 Debate 1, but there’s a long road of campaigning ahead. As campaigns and supporters hijack the online conversation via spin, voters are searching for hard facts from each candidate to provide hope (we’ve lowered our expectations from change) for a stronger, faster recovery over the next four years.

So if you’re still asking yourself the question: Would I be better off financially if President Obama or Governor Romney won? – have I got a web app for you.

Politify helps you determine how each candidate would affect your pocketbook, based on your age, income, and number of dependents. The app’s predictions are based on non-partisan economic models of each candidate’s proposed tax plans.

SAMPLE: Here’s the profile of a fictitious single, 34 year-old, living in midtown Manhattan with no dependents, making $50K with some interest income.

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Onward. Whatever your political views, YOU MUST VOTE in order to complain for the next four years. If you don’t VOTE, your forfeit that right. You must be registered 25 days prior to the election. Here are a few ways to register, or get more information about your ballot.


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