Tigris purrrfectis

It’s a panthera tigris boom!

What a thrilling week at the Bronx Zoo – Two females and one male Siberian (aka Amur) tiger cubs made their public debut. They are cozily sharing a home at Tiger Mountain with Malayan cubs.

The cubs were bred as part of the Species Survival Plan Program, a cooperative breeding program designed to enhance the stability of the tiger population in zoos, and to insure long-term viability of the species.

With the tiger population plummeting, the three-birth litter has been an especially exciting time at the zoo. Parents, Katharina, age 13  and Sasha, age 15, played with the cubs who have grown to approximately 50 pounds each since their birth.

Jim Breheny, WCS Executive Vice President and Bronx Zoo Director, said, “The cubs will play a vital role as representatives for their wild relatives—inspiring zoo visitors to learn more about the threats these majestic animals face in the wild and what we can do to protect them.”

Tiger Mountain discounts: To celebrate the cubs’ debut, the Bronx Zoo is offering $3 off the purchase of each Total Experience Ticket purchased online.

Tigris tripletis

More excitement elsewhere in the world: White Indian tiger triplets debuted at Zoo Liberec in the Czech Republic earlier this week.

These extremely rare tigers (only one in every 10,000 Bengal tigers is born white with black stripes and a pink nose) are living with their mother Surya Bara. The two males and one female were born in July, and the public has been invited to vote on the name of one of the male cubs. From more than 2200 suggestions, the zoo has narrowed it down to five names: Liam, Samburu, Sigmar, Titan or Woody. Check out the standings thus far. (Sorry I can’t locate the actual poll, Czech speakers, help?)

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I’m a dog person, but the big cats are in a class by themselves. And you?

Photograph by: Petr David Josek, AP

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