For travelers who long for long walks

“In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.”  ~ John Muir

travel on foot, walking adventures, adventure travel, off-the-beaten-path travel, walks and treks, photos: © Janet GiampietroMy most favorite travel adventures have been on foot. Skip the planes, trains and automobiles (once you’ve arrived at your destination), and use your own steam to get from point A to point B, and beyond. This way, you get to enjoy complete immersion into local cultures and surroundings (and it’s green travel too!).

I’ve taken some short and challenging routes, some long and rolling routes, and everything in between. And oh, how I’ve wanted to turn back and go home on a few. But once those first few steps are taken, there’s no turning back. You’ve committed to only what’s ahead. Trekking in places you’ve only dreamed of imprints your soul in a way other travel can’t. At least, that’s how treks affect me.

Treks usually require some preparation. Whether it’s for distance, uphill climbs, or a combination of both, you have to be prepared mentally and physically before you sign on so that you are able to weather and appreciate long journeys. They ain’t easy – you usually hit the wall at a point or two along the way.

Pictured to the left are memories of some of my journeys. Lonely Planet has gathered a great list of long walks – a few of which I hope to have a crack at one day. Here we go:

1 > Waitukubuli National Trail, Dominica
Start/finish: Scotts Head to Cabrits
Length: 184km (about 114 miles)

2 > St Paul’s Trail, Turkey
Start/finish: Perge to Yalvac
Length: 500km (about 311 miles)

3 > Baekdu-Daegan Trail, South Korea
Start/finish: North Korea border to Cheonwang-bong
Length: 735km (about 457 miles)

4 > Bibbulmun Track, Western Australia
Start/finish: Kalamunda to Albany
Length: 964km (about 599 miles)

5 > South West Coast Path, UK
Start/finish: Minehead to Poole
Length: 1,008km (about 626 miles)

6 > Via Francigena, Europe
Start/finish: Canterbury, UK to Rome, Italy
Length: 1,700km (about 1,056 miles)

7 > Great Himalaya Trail, Nepal
Start/finish: Kanchenjunga to Humla
Length: 1,700km (about 1,056 miles)

8 > Continental Divide Trail, USA
Start/finish: Antelope Wells, New Mexico to Glacier NP, Montana
Length: 4,960km (about 3,082 miles)

9 > Trans Canada Trail, Canada
Start/finish: St John’s, Newfoundland to Victoria, British Columbia
Length: 22,000km (about 13,670 miles)

Have a favorite long walk? Let us know.

Photos: © Janet Giampietro

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  1. Rose Says:

    One of my favorites is Garmisch-Partenkirchen, about 60 miles through the Bavarian Alps – it’s lovely

  2. Janet Giampietro Says:

    Sounds amazing, thanks!

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