Space madness: Another milestone for space tourism

It’s been a while since I’ve updated Virgin Galactic’s space tourism endeavors. Much has happened, and today a great milestone was announced.

But If you’re just joining me, you’ll need a bit of background. Start here, then here, next here, and finally here, and you’ll be caught up.

While the target date for getting space tourists launched by 2012 is unlikely, Virgin Galactic’s pursuit continues. Approval has arrived from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) – enabling it to conduct experimental flights of SpaceShipTwo and its carrier aircraft, WhiteKnightTwo. While test flights of both ships have already occurred, this permit will enable VG to conduct rocket-powered test flights to get a better understanding of how the craft will operate when it begins commercial flights.

It’s mad to think you can just sign up and wait to be launched. According to the Astronaut Relations team: the 500th future astronaut to sign on was celebrity Ashton Kutcher.

However if you’ve got the dough, you still have a few options:

> Pioneer Astronaut: The Earliest Available Seat
The most popular reservation (SOLD OUT)

> Voyager Astronaut: Join the Waiting List for a Later Seat
Join the community of over 500 future astronauts

> Spaceship Charter
An exclusive spaceflight for you and up to 5 friends

One more giant leap for space tourism.

If you had the time and money, would you sign up for the big space adventure? I would in a nanosecond.

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