Bienvenue Barnes

I said goodbye to the Barnes Foundation collection in its wonderful longtime home in Lower Merion, PA back in july 2011.

It’s now time to welcome the Barnes back, this time on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway in Philadelphia. The new Barnes will house:

> 181 Renoirs
> 69 Cezannes
> 46 Picassos
> 59 Matisses
> 18 Rousseaus
> 7 van Goghs
> + other art from the Barnes collection.

The Barnes Foundation, museum and cultural institutions, French art collections, controversial art collections, Barnes Branding

The Barnes Foundation, museum and cultural institutions, French art collections, controversial art collections,

That’s quite a cluster of French art – when combined with the Philadelphia Museum of Art and Rodin Museum collections all within a few blocks of each other – making Philadelphia’s “museum mile” a cultural magnet.

Educators believe that with the new admission policy allowing more visitors with more viewing hours, and a larger space, the Barnes can better fulfill its founder’s mission as a teaching institution.

I’ll believe it when I see it.

You can decide for yourself as the new Barnes Foundation, designed by Tod Williams and Billie Tsien Architects, opens its doors on saturday, 19 may 2012 to members, and on 26 ~ 28 may to the general public with 56 consecutive hours of free admission and activities.

Amusez-vous bien!

Logo/Branding: Abbott Miller of Pentagram
Photo: © 2012 The Barnes Foundation

3 Responses to “Bienvenue Barnes”

  1. lg Says:

    I, too, look forward to my first visit in the new Barnes. While I know it will be different and changed, I don’t yet know if that is a good thing or a diminished thing. One thing that I do know is that I am not impressed with the exterior of the new building.

  2. MarcA Says:

    Hi Janet G:

    I grew up in the Philadelphia area, and like you, visited the original Barnes collection often as a kid. While I’m more excited than you about having the collection on view anywhere, in most any form, I understand your hesitation at its new home.

    The original Barnes was a totally unique space and experience, and will most likely never be duplicated. But, hey, the collection is still available to view. The alternative would have been devastating.

    I like your topics, original.

  3. Janet Giampietro Says:

    Welcome MarcA:

    Agreed, having the entire collection available is a far better scenario than having it split up, privately acquired, or packed away.

    I hope you’ll comment again when you have visited the collection in its new environment.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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