The DIY Happiness Meter

A new month, and a good time to release my latest examination on measuring happiness.

As the curious g readers know, I’m fascinated by happiness studies. Last month, the United Nations released a huge report on global happiness, which I covered in Oh, how happy you have made me.

But what if we could easily do a daily (and fun) measure of how we are feeling?

Now we can with The DIY Happy Meter, or How’s Your Day? It’s easy – download this file, print it out, and scribble a daily picture that capsulizes the tone of your day. At month’s end, grade the month. At year’s end, you’ll get a great overview of patterns of the ups (hopefully more) and downs of your life. And have a bit of fun while tracking it.

Here’s my overview for April. Let us know how your months look down the road.

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