God trumps Elvis

As part of this year’s Oscar coverage, I wrote about the Oscar-nominated documentary God is the Bigger Elvis in 2012 Oscar ballyhoos & controversies.

The documentary focuses on former Hollywood starlet Dolores Hart, now known as Reverend Mother Dolores Hart, and her life in becoming the prioress of the Abbey of Regina Laudis.

It’s the perfect background for a Hollywood film: Rising starlet becomes cloistered nun. Who could make that one up? Not a natural progression – it looks like a fascinating story.

Listen to WNYC’s Leonard Lopate interview with Mother Dolores, and then take a look at the trailer. God is the Bigger Elvis premieres on HBO on 5 april 2012.

God Is the Bigger Elvis: Trailer

3 Responses to “God trumps Elvis”

  1. lg Says:

    Looking forward to seeing this — especially Mother Dolores with her trademark beret atop the habit

  2. Fred_3987 Says:

    A very fascinating and, I’m sure, compelling story. Especially interesting is the fact that her once-fiance continued to visit her (not sure how that all worked out in a cloistered order)

  3. Janet Giampietro Says:

    Very true. I hope to see the doc soon.

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