Planes, trains and automobiles a/k/a life as a super commuter

How far is too far to commute to work?

If you think traveling downtown to uptown, or Bay Ridge, Brooklyn to Manhattan, or even Philadelphia, PA to Manhattan is a stretch, then you’re a commuter lightweight. More than 4,000 commuters travel to and from New York City – get this – BY AIR for work. They are part of a tiny but rapidly growing group known as “super-commuters.”

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The times, they are a-changin’. Enabled by technology and fueled by economic necessity, these frequent flyers take the car to the plane to the train to the subway to the office. Three days on-site, two days off. Studio living in Manhattan, then single-family home living in cities far and wide. I’m tired just thinking about it.

A day at the office has a whole new meaning as our work lives (ergo our personal lives) are rapidly being redefined. Workplace flexibility is a gift for some, and a nightmare for others. Listen to Transportation Nation’s Andrea Bernstein explain the full story.

What’s your maximum commuting radius? What kind of job would entice you to commute via airplane to get there?

Animation: © 2012, Janet Giampietro

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