Once in 100: 11.11.11 @ 11:11:11

Today, 11 november 2011 at 11:11:11am, time and date will sync to a perfect uninumber palindrome – an amazing event that happens only one day every 100 years. How cool is that?

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Who cares, what does it really mean?

Not much, but then again, if you’re creative, you can make a story where there actually isn’t one. And millions of number lovers do, and will.

More coincidence than deep significance

Those of us who like numbers, patterns and sequences wait for these occurrences. We’ll attach meaning – because we need explanations.

It’s called apophenia: The natural urge to find patterns in things.

Practiced within reason, apophenia is instinctive to all humans as a way of drawing conclusions about the world. For example, it helps us to reconcile abstract drawings as representing human figures, or helps us find patterns in phone numbers to remember them.

11.11.11 doings

  • A plethora of ceremonies, rituals, meditations, and prayers with the focus on seeking higher inspiration. One of the most popular is The Gathering in Sedona, Arizona.
  • Engorged casinos: it’s a big day for gamblers. The 16th century scholar, Petrus Bungus, considered the number 11 pure evil. Not so for Blackjack and Keno players.
  • Worldwide estimates count over 250,000+ weddings scheduled for 11.11.11. Las Vegas is poised to break the 7.7.7 wedding records. The day has been booked over a year in advance. Next year (12.12.12) is the last opportunity in this century for a matching DMY date. Better get going now to hold that date.
  • One of the more creative events, 11 Eleven Project is asking for video/music uploads worldwide, which will be assembled into music videos and photo montages. Grab your recorder and get going.

Amidst all of this manufactured silliness, let’s not forget the actual meaning of 11 november in the US: Veteran’s Day, a day of remembrance of those who have sacrificed in service to our country.

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