Words, words words

It’s that time again – when logophiles sit front-and-center picking the Word of the Year (WOTY) – the defining word deemed the new and best summary for the happenings of 2011.

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While no words have been chosen for the WOTY as yet, some frontrunners being tossed about are:

  • Occupy,
  • Downgrade,
  • Winning.

For dictionary watchers, the Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate® Dictionary added over 150 new words to our usage in August. It’s no surprise that many of the additions are extracted from social media (including the phrase itself):

  • Crowdsourcing,
  • M-commerce,
  • Tweet.

More words and their definitions added here. Here’s the 2010 WOTY and 2009 WOTY.

What’s your nomination for 2011’s WOTY?

2 Responses to “Words, words words”

  1. lg Says:

    I know it is not a new word, but I’ve got to go with “oops” — it just kinds of sums-up 2011.

  2. Janet Giampietro Says:

    I’m prepping the WOTY post, wait until you read the 2011 pick…

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