Quick, painless and really the end

While not as publically-proclaimed as the 21 may 2011 Rapture, Harold Camping has declared this friday, 21 october, the real deal.

“We can be sure that the whole world… will be annihilated together with the whole physical world on October 21, 2011.”

October Rapture, end of the world predictions, humor, opportunistic atheistsWhat the believers did
Camping’s previous declarations didn’t come to fruition, and sent believers into a tizzy. Flushing their bank accounts and ridding themselves of all possessions left many with nothing, and no where to go.

Skeptics, however, note that Camping himself has not shed his worldlies in preparation.

What the non-believers did
Devout atheists took an entrepreneurial path to counter Camping’s predictions. In 2009, many atheists in 26 states banded together to form Eternal Earth-Bound Pets (EEBP). Their mission: Provide a home and care for pets of those Raptured, for a nominal fee. All species are not welcome, please consult their website first.

Which only goes to prove “Endings create new beginnings.”

What are you doing for Rapture Friday? I’m going out doing what I love to do, just in case, you know – it all ends – attending a film screening.

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