Come on, Irene*

Right – wrong title – but come on, it works.

Hurricane/Tropical Storm Irene shut down most of the US mid- to north-Atlantic coast throughout the weekend of 27-28 august 2011.

Wandering about post-tempest, these images caught my eye and summed up what Manhattan felt like on the morning of sunday, 28 august – the good and bad.

The downgrade to a category 1 hurricane, and then further downgrade to a tropical storm helped this area immensely. While some residents lost power and/or experienced flooding, we mostly lucked out.

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*Come on, Eileen is the actual title of the 1982 aong by Dexys Midnight Runners. And in the same way Hurricane Irene is taking its grand time in getting out of here, I’ll bet it will take a while to get this tune out of your head.
Images © 2011 Janet Giampietro, shot with a first gen iPhone.

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