More urban sprouts

I stand corrected.

It seems that Riverpark Farm is not the first example of farming in Manhattan (since roughly the 17th century.)

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While strolling in lower Manhattan yesterday, I spotted this happening in urban agriculture:

The Parks Department teamed up with the Battery Park Conservancy and several area high schools to plant crops in an 80-plot urban farm in lower Manhattan back in April. The Urban Farm @Battery Park grows herbs and seasonal vegetables. Like Riverpark Farm, local area food vendors take advantage of its offerings.

Here’s the story from NY1 News along with a great video.

Let’s hear it for the further greening of Manhattan!

Photo: © 2011 Janet Giampietro

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  1. lg Says:

    I had the opportunity last weekend to visit both Riverpark Farm and the Urban Farm @Battery Park. Riverpark is an amazing oasis in a concrete setting, with beautiful vegetable plants in containers as far as the eye can see. Homage is paid to various scientists at each viewing window and citations made to the various students involved in the project. It is beautiful, peaceful and environmentally sound — a wonderfully sustainable project.

    Urban Farm is the more traditional greenery, with gorgeous sunflowers surrounding its many patches. A peaceful plot of land near the river.

    Two beautiful “finds” while walking. . . . .

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