Not exactly Noah’s Ark

But the parallels are all in place: animals marching 2×2, flood, ongoing rain.


Yes, it’s happening now, at the Roosevelt Park Zoo in North Dakota.

MINOT, N.D. — As a historic flood threatened to drown this city, the animals from the local zoo were evacuated to a warehouse high above the valley floor. There were two of every sort — donkeys, hedgehogs, bald eagles, reindeer, toucans and many others — packed together in a makeshift sanctuary.

“From the pictures I’ve seen of Noah’s Ark, the animals came on board pretty easily, two by two, marching right along,” said David Merritt, the zoo director. “That’s not exactly what happened.”

Is Noah in the house?

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It’s very sad that the animals must be displaced, and many reveal plain terror in the moving process. But some animals find ingenious ways to adapt to their new digs:

The camels have shown a mischievous side, trying several escapes and, recently, operating the light switches with their tongues.

Really? Maybe the camels are just resourceful?

For the curious among us who are dying to know how they actually move these animals and what a fantastic job the team at the Roosevelt Park Zoo did in keeping their charges safe, read the full article.

Photo credits: Rich Addicks for The New York Times

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