Breaking news: Plates are in, pyramids are out

As the curious g readers know, I’m all about the pyramids.

But that food pyramid we’ve been looking at for decades – did anyone really get anything more from that overstriped graphic besides indigestion? If you did, did you follow it?Food pyramid, Choose My Plate, US Department of Agriculture nutrition updates, healthy eating initiatives

Probably not. That’s why the US Department of Agriculture introduced a new icon as part of its ChooseMyPlate nutrition initiative. It’s a dinner plate showing recommended proportions of grains, fruits, vegetables and proteins, along with dairy on the side.

Graphically, the MyPlate icon illustrates more clearly the food groups and portion relationships needed for optimum healthy living. What we do with that info is, of course, something to chew on.

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  1. lg Says:

    A good change in graphics. The new portioned plate is much more understandable and the visuals are more easy to follow. Now, if only we all do. . . . .

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