It’s Coen-tastic!

Here’s one enthusiastic Coen Brothers film fan. I came across this visually stunning Coenfographic – it maps their casting universe. The design and handwork that went into this piece are superb.

With the 83rd Academy Award nominations announced on Tuesday, the Coen Brothers’ True Grit was honored with 10 nods. True Grit is the highest grossing Coen Bros film to date, earning nearly $138 million at this writing. Wonder if high grosses translated to more Oscar® love?

Nothing earth-shattering here, but just in case you too are curious about the Coen’s filmography and need to know. Also, the topic is a perfect lead-in for the 2011 Academy Awards posts.

Stay tuned for the awards form and of course, the polls.

The Coen’s Casting Universe, coengraphic, deigned by muller, infographic, film fan

Image: © Designed by Muller

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