2011 travel as I want to see it

With no working experience in the travel industry, I can’t predict 2011 travel trends, but I can put up my wish list and hope that most of my future destinations don’t fall into the mass-travel categories. I want off the beaten path.

While the travel industry has expanded the definition of adventure travel to “experiential travel,” for me, it’s always about being a traveler, not a tourist. Package it as you will.

The New York Times has chosen 41 destinations for 2011, I went for 11 in ’11. If I had nothing but time and money (and a huge supply of energy), here’s where you’d find me.

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1 > Libya: Exploring the ruins of Leptis Magna and trekking in the Acacus Mountains
2 > Egypt: Camping and trekking in the Black/White Desserts
3 > Antarctica: Exploring and onshore camping on the Antarctic Peninsula
4 > Eastern Turkey: Hiking in the dramatic Kaçkar Mountains
5 > Basilicata, Italy: Trekking in the Lucanian Dolomites through ancient rock-cliff villages, lakes and moors
6 > Greenland: Dog sledding and searching for the unicorn-tusked narwhal in the great northwest
7 >
Mali: Attending Festival au Désert, camping, camel-riding and checking out Timbuktu too
8 > Ennedi Massif, Chad: Here’s a guy who got to this fantastic, remote place, so it can be done!
9 > Iceland: A little hiking, looking for Arctic foxes and puffin-watching in the Hornstrandir Nature Reserve
10 > Assam, India: Game viewing on the back of an elephant, searching for endangered tigers in Kaziranga National Park
11 > Chile/Argentina: Patagonia adventure trekking in the peaks of Fitzroy-Chalten, and some knoshing in Buenos Aires

What places are on your list? Where will your travels take you?

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