Recap 2010

“The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity.”* Doomed, then I am.

Many of the discoveries that I made in 2010 were purely serendipitous (is that a word?). A few required some hard research. But, I’m happy to say that I am rarely or never bored – there’s always something new to find and explore. In addition to the yearly highlights, there’s one milestone of note: this recap is the curious g‘s 200th post.

Chronologically speaking, I present my finds of 2010…

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1   Big Bang

You’d think I were a particle physicist with how excited I got when those particles in that huge accelerator collided. I’m still trying to figure out what it all means, but just watching the light show was pretty cool.

2   Proper this

Why would Scrabble do something as idiotic as allowing proper names? Wait, before you panic ­as I did, read: For some, Scrabble gets its props.

3   Pop cup

The designer of the iconic Amphora Cup died earlier this year. Leslie Buck’s passing encouraged a new generation to learn and appreciate the history of his iconic cup. It was, indeed, our pleasure to be served.

4   Vuvu what?

Make it go away cried some, but it stayed and it conquered the world. It’s big and it’s loud, and it made a huge, international debut.

5   Mockingbird @50

Memories of To Kill a Mockingbird as it celebrated its 50th year. Both the book and the film had a great impact in my life.

6   Coming habibi…

Finally, Libya has invited Americans back into the country. As I understand it, it’s still not easy, but we’re getting in, and it’s soooooo worth the hassle.

7   Camels Ho

Who knew there were camel races, and more, right here in the US of A. All I need to do is go west.

8   Iron Works

There’s no blog post here, but I was happy to find part of the Brooklyn Bridge Centennial exhibition still standing. My very first project as a NY designer. Me, in front of the entry installation to the Brooklyn Anchorage, mimicking the gesture of iron Victorian cutouts.

9   Happiness U

There are endless websites, apps and articles dedicated to measuring, analyzing and attaining happiness. My exploration of the topic and the world’s eternal quest to seek something possibly elusive or semi-permanent continues…

10   Balancing Act

What a great interactive graphic. The New York Times finally put time and effort into a worthwhile piece. I got a better grasp of the deficit, a shot at solving it, and the awareness of budgetary questions that it revolves around. Well done NYT!

Cheers, thanks again for reading and commenting!

* Attributed to Dorothy Parker
CERN graphic: This file is in the public domain, via Wikimedia Commons. All other images attributed in individual posts.

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  1. lg Says:

    Congratulations and a toot on the vuvuzela to the curious g on its 200th post! Have enjoyed the posts, style and content. Looking forward to your 2011 curiousities. . . .

  2. janet g Says:

    Many thanks! Another year, more questions…

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