The sky is no longer the limit

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My coverage of Virgin Galactic’s space tourism continues. If you’re just joining me, start here, then here, and finally here, and you’ll be caught up.

VSS Enterprise Completes First Manned Glide Flight

Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo achieves major milestone in its program to become world’s first manned commercial space vehicle.

“Virgin Galactic is now well on the way to becoming the word’s first commercial space line with 370 customer deposits totaling $50 million,” the company said in its statement. Nearly 80,000 people have placed their names on the waiting list.

Commercial flights are now scheduled to begin in early 2012. Let’s do the math.

  • one flight per week (assume 50 per year)
  • six passengers per flight
  • waiting list = 80,000

That’s 300 passengers yearly, divided by 80,370 (370 customer deposits + 80,000 wait-listed)…

If I got on the waiting list today, barring any major interruption in the program or schedule, I would probably be on a flight around september 2277. Perhaps I should be thinking about cryonics.

Speak with your local accredited space agent to join the queue. And don’t forget to ask where the best space hotels are located.

Image: © Virgin Galactic. Screen capture from YouTube video.

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