Excuse my First Amendment rant…

Just because you can do something, does that mean you should? Florida Pastor Terry Jones can legally burn the Quran (on 9/11) in response to his opposition to the Islamic center near Ground Zero – so should he?

Of course not. Self-centered, idiot of the week, month year, decade… is cleverly couching a bigger plan behind the First Amendment.

Quran burning stunt, First Amendment rights, Islamaphobia, inciting the lunatic fringe, abuse of power

You’d think a God-fearing, Christian pastor would try to stem the tide of hate – find a way to calm the fanatical thinkers, not fuel them. But Jones isn’t serving God at all – it’s a huge stunt about serving his ego and pushing his personal agenda.

Because of this Islamaphobe, Pakistanis and Afghans are burning American flags. If Jones continues on this course, we’ll have him to thank for inciting Islamic zealots. If there’s recourse, innocent people will be killed because of this man’s reckless actions but Jones will remain standing. Where’s the justice there?

I’m exercising my First Amendment rights in calling him a calculating fraud and a hypocrite. What about you?

Postscript: Has Jones seen the error of his ways? No, but he’s amassed a huge amount of attention, pushed his agenda and probably gained a larger congregation.

As of this writing, Pastor Jones has cancelled the Quran burning. Clearly he just wanted to rile up the entire world and apparently he’s succeeded. But there is a catch, Jones claims he’s struck a deal with an Imam to stop the proposed mosque at Ground Zero from going forward. No confirmation of that from anyone as yet. Stay tuned.

Image from Wimedia Commons. This work is in the public domain in the United States.

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