With much of the world holidaying, NYC museums have accommodated tourists (and staycation locals) with some great exhibits.

Here’s what piqued my curiosity and is on my radar pre-Labor Day.

A British Life in a Mountain Kingdom: Early Photographs of Sikkim and Bhutan
@Rubin Museum of Art

Bhutan, Sikkin, Mountain Kingdoms, John Claude White, mountaineering, high altitude photography

The first exhibition of photographs by John Claude White, a British government officer and civil engineer, who spent much of his career stationed in places that one hundred years ago were (and some still remain) shrouded in a veil of mystery: India, Nepal, Sikkim, Tibet and Bhutan.

Tasked with mapping and surveying the regions’ borders, White was clearly intrigued by the mid-19th century “golden age” of mountaineering that saw the first ascents of many Alpine peaks.

Need I say more?

Underground Gallery: London Transport Posters 1920s–1940s
@Museum of Modern Art

WWII posters, London Underground, Modern Posters, World War II Life, Transformational Graphics

After WWI, striking modern posters transformed the stations of London’s underground railway system into public art galleries.

Posters designed by significant artists like László Moholy-Nagy and Abram Games were the face of a pioneering public transport campaign. It included station architecture, signage, timetables, buses and bus stop shelters, train interiors, upholstery, and even public trash bins. Harry Beck created the iconic Underground map.

Loving it.

The Bidoun Library Project

@New Museum

Surrounding Middle Eastern Culture, Printed Matter, Contrasting Cultures

Some 700 titles present an account of five decades of printed matter in, near, about, and around the Middle East. including pulp fictions and propaganda, monographs and guidebooks, and pamphlets and periodicals. Subjects range from the oil boom to the Dubai bust, the Cold War to the hot pant, and revolutionaries to royals.

This exhibit gets the full white glove treatment, literally, due to the sensitive nature of handling the materials.

Looks like an adventure.

An interesting exhibits worth sharing?

Images: © Rubin Museum of Art; © Museum of Modern Art; © New Museum

4 Responses to “Museum-bound”

  1. catherine Says:

    A bonanza of exhibits! One of the positives of living NYC.
    I have an exhibit at the Boston MFA “Avedon Fashion 1944–2000” and a show at the Portland Museum of Art “Debating Modern Photography: The Triumph of Group f/64” on my radar

  2. janet g Says:

    They sound great as well! Thanks.

    Can you provide links for us, for more information and a preview?

  3. catherine Says:

    here are the links:

  4. janet g Says:

    Oh, that’s the Avedon show from ICP NY. It was a good show. The exhibit at the Portland Museum looks very worthy of a trip.


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