Tattoo – for two?

inventive promotion ideas, indelible campaigns, tattoos, freebies, lasting impressionsNow here’s an inventive ad campaign. It works on the idea: How far will someone go for freebies?

Rocks Off has been operating concert cruises in New York Harbor for 10 years. Recently, the company began offering five pairs of tickets to anyone who will get a tattoo of the company’s name or fish logo. In addition to the free tattoo, in exchange for the five-set, one lucky tattoo fan will win a ticket to as many cruises as they want – for life.

Come on, what’s a four-inch square of your skin in exchange for that? (I couldn’t locate any clauses stating that the tattoo had to be inked in a conspicuous spot on the participants.)

According to owner Jake Szufnarowski, “We already have 14 people who have made appointments.” The man who is no stranger to tattoos and has been described as “a hard-rockin’ crazy-ass tattooed mutha,” says he’s hoping that 100 people will take up his offer.

Mr Szufnarowski claims the indelible ads are more cost-effective than a quarter-page in the Village Voice. Ah, but will the human billboards have the same reach? I guess its bearers will need to circulate – a lot.

Not so fast – here are the details in case you’re interested.

So are you up for it? How far have you gone for freebies?

2 Responses to “Tattoo – for two?”

  1. steve Says:

    How far? Not very far. I’ve always held that anyone who wants their brand on me should be paying me as they do any other media. Getting a few free shows ain’t nearly enough — even if it’s a pretty cool logo.

  2. janet g Says:

    Agreed. And you’d have to pay me a ton of money to wear that fish forever.

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