One giant leap for space tourism

Huge news for pending space tourists: Virgin Galactic’s planned space flights took another step toward reality last week, flying with a crew aboard!

This story piqued my curiosity last December in Space available, followed by the mothership update. I’ve been curiously watching Virgin Galactic’s trajectory for its space tourism program.

Last week, on 16 july 2010, the VSS Enterprise successfully flew its mission with two crew members. The spaceship remained attached to VMS Eve, its captive ship, for the duration of the 6 hours+ flight and numerous system tests were conducted. The two crew members, Peter Siebold and Michael Alsbury, evaluated all of the spaceship’s systems and functions – in the air.

Congratulations to the Virgin Galactic team! While they’re a bit behind schedule from their original estimates (that is, to be space-bound late 2009 or early 2010), these are still very exciting times.

Note that there’s still time to book with your local accredited space agent. You will, of course, be on the waiting list.

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