Tails of the city

Back on 1 may, the curious g posted In NYC, Cubs are the mane attraction. The newly-born trio of cubs at the Bronx Zoo needed names. A naming contest ensued and the results are in.

Depending on which source you believe, there were either over 30,000 entries or over 300,000 entries. I’m thinking the former, but who knows?

Of the short-listed, final five sets of names, readers chose the following combo by a whopping 40%:

For the female cubs:

  • Nala (“gift” in Swahili)
  • Adamma (“beautiful child” in Igbo)

For the male cub:

  • Shani (“wonderful” in Swahili)

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For complete details and other offerings, click here.

Clearly, my two fabulous suggestions were ignored.

The “K” set

  • Paka = cat in Swahili
  • Malaika = angel in Swahili
  • Haraka = fast in Swahili

The “Counting” set:

  • Mbili = two in Swahili
  • Tatu = three in Swahili
  • Nne = four in Swahili

Karibu! Nala, Adamma na Shani! And just so things don’t get too cute, check out the Village Voice blog’s take on the naming contest.

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