Mount Everest is how high?

Anyone reading the curious g since its beginning knows that I’m fascinated by mountaineering and Mount Everest (The holy grail of mountaineering and High-altitude sickness).

The height of Mount Everest has long been disputed by its neighboring countries, Nepal and China. China believes that the mountain should be measured by rock height, while Nepal believes the measurement should be based on snow height, resulting in an approximately four-meter difference of opinion.

Finally, the two countries have reached a solution. Nepal recognized the Chinese claim that the world’s highest mountain is 8,844.43 meters (29,015.748 feet) by rock height. China accepted Nepal’s claim of 8,848 meters (nearly 29,028.871 feet) by snow height as the official height. (Note that an Indian survey conducted in 1955 included the snow cap, and measured the same as the Nepalese height. That has been the generally accepted altitude.)

Geologists further confuse the matter and believe all countries are incorrect. They maintain that the mountain continues to rise due to shifting tectonic plates.

The discussion goes onward, and I guess, upward.

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