Straighten up and fly right

You think you’ve got problems flying – try flying with a tuba. After the failed Christmas Day terrorist attempt, air travel for musicians just got even harder.

The most recent podcast of wnyc’s Soundcheck is worth a listen. For anyone like me, who has wondered how musicians travel with those sometimes big, always expensive instruments post 9/11, here are some great stories from the field.

In particular, John Schaefer, talks with Dave Carroll, the musician who wrote a song about his misadventure and posted it on YouTube. That video is called “United Breaks Guitars.” How do you think United reacted when the video got over 7 million views?

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  1. lg Says:

    Never have given much thought to how someone accommodates a musical instrument on an airline flight. I think the story about the accoustic bass that flew in the cockpit was pretty funny, though. I would assume, pre-or-post-9/11, that if checked, the piece would be handled as all luggage is treated — roughly, sometimes spitefully and without regard for what any tag indicates.

    As to your question about what United’s reaction was — there was probably some response after the video hit the 250,000 mark. Unfortunately, this is what “customer service” has degenerated into today. . . . .

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