Wrapping 2009

Curiosity is a road paved with riches (if you dig deep enough). I was lucky enough to find a few baubles along the way.

When I began the curious g blog back in February, I never anticipated finding so many new interests. My plan was to become more technically savvy, which I have, but I also found a joy in writing and discovery.

Some of the most interesting finds I made in 2009 were made through my own curiosity on a particular subject and others were randomly discovered. In no particular order, I present…


1  Stand-alone architecture

There is so much amazingly good and bad architecture out there. I singled out The Longaberger Building because it’s both unusual and conventional in structure, and it is the most effective piece of architecture extending a brand that I’ve ever seen.
Discovery: A picture is worth a thousand words.

2  Much music

Thanks to sites including songza.com, lala.com and lastfm.com, I have reconstructed my past music collection and discovered a ton of new music along the way.
Discovery: Black holes of tracks – cheap, easily gotten

3  Tiny technology

I dissed Apple’s latest iPod Shuffle publicly. And when my first generation Shuffle bit the dust, I was left with trying the new model. The buds were redesigned. It’s durable, so small yet with a large storage capacity.
Discovery: Doing the happy dance, literally.

4  Film sojourn

Dambé: The Mail Project, is a documentary chronicling the musical journey of a pair of Irish traveling players en route to the world’s most remote music festival.
Discovery: Festival au Desert, multi-national must do

5  Social media

Taking the plunge into Twitter and Facebook means you better be talking a lot, otherwise why go there and run the risk of being called a social lurker.
Discovery: One must work hard to resist the urge of inventing things to say when one has nothing to say.

6  Unrequited travel

The Ennedi Massif, in northeastern Chad is not logistically accessible to visitors, but will forever remain on my wish list.
Discovery: There’s always a hidden place to discover.

7  Invented currency

Who knew that legal currencies besides the US dollar could be spent here?
Discovery: If you don’t like something, invent a new way to work the system.

8  Sprawling read

John Hare’s Shadows Across the Sahara. Hare spent nearly four months crossing the Sahara on his white camel, Pasha, following in Hanns Vischer’s 1906 footsteps.
Discovery: Fascinating historical insight into the camel caravan routes and the people who traveled them

9  Perpetual life

Here today, cyberspace tomorrow. A virtual memoir of a loved one who has passed on, but will live forever, thanks to the web. Calling Evelyn Waugh…
Discovery: The ultimate eulogy, used by hundreds of thousands

10  Info central

Apple iPhone = Phone. Email. Voice recorder. Calendar. Alarm clock. Camera. Music player. Weather vane. Pocket skeeball. Newsstand. Flashlight. Translator. Map. Leveler. Fortune teller. Dishwasher. Hat blocker. Truffle-sniffing pig. Ummm…well soon, I’m sure.
Discovery: JACKPOT

Thanks for reading. Happy 2010.

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  1. bob Says:

    Neat entry, Janet. Thanks for sharing! Happy 2010!

  2. lg Says:

    Have enjoyed your blog very much and look forward to your posts in 2010! There is always something of interest to me or something to think about. Your posts are well-written, well-thought and a source of learning.

    Nice 2009 wrap-up!

    To 2010. . . . .

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