Looking to the left, reaching for the right

thecuriousg_political_opinionAre democrats created during a downturn? Or does a recession encourage conservative instincts?

This NYTimes opinion piece takes a look at shifting political parties during challenging times.

Have your political leanings changed one way or the other since Meltdown Monday?

Illustration © 2009 Janet Giampietro

One Response to “Looking to the left, reaching for the right”

  1. lg Says:

    Their data are interesting, and no doubt on target. But, Democrat/Republican/Independent, Liberal/Conservative/Moderate — what’s the difference nowadays? Politicians seem to have all bought into the branding concept, and in that action, posture along the “label” rather than for what is best for the people. Their major concern is keeping that seat or office. And as citizens, perhaps we should focus a bit more on the greater good and bigger picture than only on what is best for us as individuals.

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