If it quacks like a duck, then… the duck has some attitude


Back on 3 june, the curious g posted If it looks like a duck,…, detailing a case of sound mark infringement. I’ve been doing my due diligence on this matter and while I haven’t found a resolution on this case, I have found a boatload (!) of cases involving these hydra-terra tour companies.

The recap: San Francisco’s Ride the Ducks sued rival Bay Quackers for sound infringement: copying and using the same the promotional “quack” sound.

I discovered lawsuits from many tour companies in San Francisco, Boston and Philadelphia filed over territory, naming and sound rights. Ride the Ducks takes a hard-line attitude in protecting its “Wacky Quackers.” The company seems to rival J.D. Salinger when it comes to litigious behavior. When a resolution on the current Ride the Ducks smackdown comes through, I’ll be sure to quack it up.

And for those of you who commented offline about how loud and disruptive these tour companies are, this Web site is for you: shuttheduckup.

Photo ©2008 Janet Giampietro

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