Mama’s got a brand new blog

In case you are wondering what’s happened to the curious g blog, I’ve been busy making improvements. The blog has been moved over to WordPress which will provide greater flexibility and growth as technology changes rapidly. The face of the blog is being phased in slowly, as I continue to learn to manipulate more challenging templates and coding. As things progress, you’ll be seeing a more user friendly, less cluttered layout.

A few things couldn’t make the transition though. The wonderful and colorful comments you’ve generously provided these six months have become a fond memory – a great opportunity to reread previous posts and comment in retrospect. I’ve also lost the tags, the stats, and have to re-establish many links. It’s a fresh start on many fronts.

I couldn’t have accomplished this enormous task without the extremely patient and talented Phillip Reyland. His tireless effort to move a tangled network of information and graphics was nothing short of miraculous. For his continuing support and advice, I am truly grateful.

As adventure travel guides say when asked how much longer to hike: “we’re almost there.” They never mention the switchbacks.

I hope you’ll hang in there with me.

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