Always an adventure, not always fun


No new discoveries on the travel front of late, but, I did come across an interesting article about an entrepreneurial man with a passion for adventure travel. He transformed his passion for travel into a successful business, shared the blueprint for his success, and then talked about how he nearly burned out.

Which got me thinking about adventure travel: how great it is until you hit the wall. You read all the literature, consult with others who have done a similar trip, assess the difficulty relative to your skill level, and then make the decision to go or not. You have a particular vision of what the trip will be like, and most times, it meets or exceeds that vision. Even with little blips in between, such as:

And I haven’t even mentioned battling the swarming midgies in the Scottish Highlands or the threat of an elephant attack in South Africa’s Kruger National Park or …  And yet, you ask, why continue to travel? Addicted to the thrill.

Know what I mean?

Left to right: Hitting the wall at 12,000’ in western Bhutan; catching a breath and a snack in the Rockies at 10,000’ near Boulder, CO; angling for shade in an arroyo in the Crater Highlands, Eastern Tanzania; checking for daylight when claustrophobia hits in a slot canyon, near Santa Fe, NM; slipping while hiking on wet rocks in a rainforest in central Madagascar.

2 Responses to “Always an adventure, not always fun”

  1. steve Says:

    Yes, I do believe I know what you mean. Which is why I’m soon off to Yap and Palau (oddly enough, the new home of the Uighurs released from Gitmo; trading the frozen Siberian steppes and Chinese oppression for a tropical paradise doesn’t sound like too bad a deal).

  2. janet Says:

    I think you’re right. How could they not love a drink with an umbrella in it.

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