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You find all kinds of interesting things when doing searches on the web. That’s part of the fun. While searching out some promotional premiums, I found these Tshirts. Skreened, a “good business” site, delivers ethically custom garments and products. I landed at their Graphic Design Heroes shop, with designs by Paul Nini. This shop is described as “Loving tributes to and interpretations of the masters.” Doubtful that the distinguished group of masters ever imagined their personas emblazoned on a Tshirt, but I enjoyed Paul Nini’s distillation and wit in capturing their signature styles.

American Bradbury Thompson and Russian Alexey Brodovitch (see previous post, Astonish Me Alexey) are my graphic design heroes. They didn’t make it to a Tshirt, but here are some of the design legends who did:

  • el lissitzky :: prominent figure in the Russian avant garde and the Bauhaus movement, innovator and change agent in the fields of typography, exhibition design, book design and photomontage
  • Armin Hofmann :: Swiss graphic designer instrumental in developing the the Swiss Style; well known for his posters, which emphasized economical use of color and fonts; some describe the style as “simplicity, sans serif, color limitation or hard edge”
  • Herbert Matter :: Swiss graphic designer, photographer and typographer; pioneer in photomontage, specifically for his Swiss travel posters and his work for Knoll
  • Bruno Monguzzi :: Swiss graphic designer and typographer, strongly influenced by Russian constructivists and el lissitzky; well known for his work for the Musée d’Orsay, Paris
  • Massimo Vignelli :: Italian modernist designer working in industrial, environmental and graphic disciplines; known for his work with Unimark and the redesign of the 1972 New York City Subway Map; known additionally for his copious use of the typeface Bodoni
  • Adrian Frutiger :: Swiss type designer and typographer; best known for creating the typefaces Frutiger and Univers, among many others.

My personal favorite T:

  • Wolfgang Weingart :: Swiss graphic designer and typographer – the rebel leader of the Swiss style, best known for his typographic experimentation and international influence.

It’s not often that one sees the words “Weingart” and “homeboy” in the same sentence. Like Weingart’s breakout, deconstructive typography which shattered the heavily-gridded, sometimes emotionless use of elements associated with the Swiss style, it’s disarming – and funny. WW should be proud.

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